When do I need to arrive?

Morning Shift (9AM – Noon)

Arrive 15 minutes early in order to connect with your Crew and receive your initial assignment.

Afternoon Shift (1PM – 4PM)

Please arrive 45 minutes early in order to have lunch with the morning shift and still have time to get connected to your Crew and get sent out to your assignment.

Where do I go first? / Where should I start the day?

Each neighborhood has a specific Starting Location. You can find yours below:

Central Baptist Church
Chisholm Valley
Greater Round Rock West
Old Town Meadows
Sam Bass Trails

Round Rock Church of Christ
Sunrise Park/Sunrise Vista/Willow Bend Estates
Chapel Hill North
Mesa Ridge
Egger Acres
Mesa Village (Park)

Grace Presbyterian
Green Slopes

Fellowship RR
Shadow Pointe
South Creek
Rolling Ridge

Where do I go when I arrive at my Staring Location?

When you get to your starting location look around for a tent with the name of your neighborhood attached. If you cannot remember which neighborhood you are in there will also be a “Registration” tent that can help you get to the right place! You will meet your Crew Leader at the neighborhood tent.

What should I wear and bring?

Everyone should wear long pants and closed toed shoes. We also encourage everyone to bring gloves, as much of the work we will be doing involves lifting or carrying items. Any type of tree or hedge trimming tool is also helpful. Check with your Crew Leader to see if you need to bring anything more like a lawn mower.

How do I connect with my Crew Leader?

You should have received an email that connects you to a crew leader for your area. If not, please go to www.signup.com and leave a “message” on your project asking for your crew leader. When you arrive on Saturday we will make sure that you land on a crew.